Do you feel like a yo-yo? Weight Gain and Loss Confessions

Hi My Sweet Pineapples! 🍍🍍🍍

Do you feel like a yo-yo when it comes to weight gain and loss? I certainly do.

β€œYo-yo dieting or yo-yo effect, also known as weight cycling, is a term coined by Kelly D. Brownell at Yale University, in reference to the cyclical loss and gain of weight, resembling the up-down motion of a yo-yo”. (Wikipedia).

✦ It’s like my body can’t choose between being a size 8 or a size 18; I’m reincarnating into a manikin in my next life – size 0 for life. ✦ *Giggles ツ

No one knows better than I the pain of being a yo-yo, and I wish I was talking about being a rapper, no such luck, I’m talking about being a human yo-yo when it comes to gaining/losing weight! It’s been this way since I was a child. I started off slim but would chuck out every second year or so. Sure I was called β€˜fat’ and I remember being teased at school, but I also had ‘thin’ years as a child/teen then I was quote on quote β€œnormal” in weight and got along better socially.

Looking back adults and kids are ruthless. So what if I was chubby that didn’t mean I deserved to be picked on for it or thought of as less pretty. Yes, you feel β€œless pretty” less of a person when others perceive you as bigger. It’s unfair, unjust and demoralizing.

As much as I would like to rant about people who think like “DEAR FAT PEOPLE” I will compose this instead:

✧ Whatever shape and size we are born with inside we all have a heart; at least the good people do. ✧

Yes, being overweight can be harmful to a person’s health and there are several reasons for this each unique to the individual, although it is possible to be overweight, fit and healthy at the same time. Nonetheless it is still difficult emotionally to walk the balancing act of carrying your weight.

When you feel insecure you feed the pain with food. Which of course is the root of all your suffering. That is when I took comfort in cheese; cheese doesn’t judge it just tastes good and loves you.

Yes I too have demonic eyes, like the girl in the picture above, when I eat cheese; doesn’t everyone? *lol

On the flip side a yo-yo pattern is often the result of a diet that’s too restrictive; well THE diets SUCK DONKEY BALLS!

I’ve stopped trying to go on a diet, they may work but they don’t last. I once had a friend who did The Bernstein Diet, yeah she lost a ton of weight like really fast, but suffered immensely through it, plus she became OCD with weighing all her food. Can you just see her at family picnics with her little scale and matching purse. ☺ She did regain all her weight back a year later, so was it worth it? DUCK NO!

We all go through cycles and times of our lives where we gain weight for XYZ reasons and lose weight for ABC reasons. The trick is to learn the alphabet, hehe that or to learn how to control cravings, eat healthier, exercise more, and maybe that little thing called: Body Acceptance ~ ❀ yourself!

So yeah, I am yo-yo-ing lately with my weight, I’m at the freaking XYZ half of the alphabet. This video below is a recent true self-reaction to my current weight situation.

♣ β€œThere comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors.”
― Tennessee Williams β™ 

Sure, I won’t lie to you, I feel lesssssss at this weight, but my Super Girl Self slapped me in the face to wake me up, not in the way of “YOU SO FAT WAKE UP” but “YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF that means TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR BODY!” There is nothing wrong with being any amount of weight as long as you are HEALTHY, but yeah I haven’t felt or ate the most Healthy in a while. For me that is when I decided to trigger my alter eho Super Plain Jane and strive to break my bad eating habits and to get fit for myself, NOT YOU, ME! Perhaps if I crack the code of yo-yo-ing I can achieve balance? Do you think Da Vinci has a secret code for weight yo-yo-ing? *Giggles

Overall, deprogram your brains from the brainwashing that we all have to look like Kate Moss (on her good days) humans look different because we are diverse and that my friends is the beauty in the beholder. If you want to lose weight like me, and keep it off, you need to shift your focus from the speed of weight loss, to the long term goal of weight loss. The less you focus on immediate results the more you can focus on making long-term changes that will stay with you for a lifetime. That is my goal! Yo-Yo-ing be dammed!

Are you yo-yo-ing with your weight at the moment?

If so, share a feeling … thought … experience?

You do know you are BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE ~ FUCK I don’t care if that sounds cheesy, decency is rare and should be spread like a virus, let me infect YOU! *Giggles ͑๏_͑๏

×ღ× Thank you for joining me today my dear pineapples! If you liked my blog please comment & follow! ×ღ×

“Don’t forget to go HUG a Pineapple!”🍍

β˜† Super Plain Jane ~ q◕‿◕q




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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Yo-yo effect


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