★ Cress by Marissa Meyer ~ Book Review ★


Good day Dear Readers;

Today I will be reviewing the third installment of Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles: Cress.

Published by Macmillan Publishers through their subsidiary Feiwel & Friends. — Wikipedia
Originally published: February 4, 2014
Pages: 550
Genres: Science Fiction, Romance novel, Young adult fiction

This installment really does live up to it’s hype. You will be reading better adventures, romances and actions! We get to meet Crescent Moon one of Marissa’s new main characters that will eventually join up with Cinder’s rebellious crew.658cf97fb9bf9ea4d6ec65038b611c9b


This book really can not be read as a stand alone Novel, you really should invest in reading the first installment Cinder and the second Scarlet. Otherwise, you will not feel the ties between the characters as much and their character growth.


Plot Summary   

First let’s meet Cress. She is naive, shy and highly intelligent girl from Lunar; because she is a “shell” (which means a Lunar born without psychic-controlling abilities) Queen Levana had ordered her death at birth. Due to the sympathy of a fellow Lunar Sybil, Cress was outcast-ed to a satellite orbiting earth. There she grew up in isolation and learned to become Queen Levana’s hacker/spy on Earth.

It’s important to keep in mind that Marissa took the fairy tale story of Rapunzel and developed her own tale for Cress. Sybil was represented as the witch from Rapunzel. In this story she was a high ranking guard for Queen Levana and although she did not torture Cress she certainly was cold and barbaric in her captivity.  

Meanwhile, Dr. Erland is continuing his plague research in a small village in Africa, using blood from a colony of Lunars. From there, Cinder lands in the small desert town of Farafrah in North Africa and meets Dr. Erland. The attempt to rescue Cress failed resulting in Cress and Thorne surviving the satellite’s crash which landed in the Sahara Desert. News of the satellite spreads and poor Thorne hits his head during the fall and is now blind. 

****************Spoiler Alert! Thorne does not remain blind forever. 

Overall, this Novel shares side stories into each character, you will see Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Iko and Clay again. 


Cress and Thorne

I believe readers would agree that there is something special between Cress and Thorne. I am not sure if Marissa liked these two characters compared to Kai and Cinder or Wolf and Scarlet but I think that general readers and fans of this chronicle would agree that they are the best romantic couple in the whole Novel. 

Cress has been in love with Throne since the first time saw him on her feed/computer. This fantasy kind of love is endearing as we all remember once fantasizing about our ideal mate. Cress will end up showing Throne humility and self-acceptance as he realizes that her love and admiration of him may be real.

Thorne is a cocky character and not one who understands what true love is, Cress will discover this quickly, however with their trials and tribulations slowly they will see each other for who they really are. It’s no surprise that Thorne’s blindness helped him see the beauty that is within Cress. Thorne is a flirt, in-your-face, cocky kind of guy and his vanity sometimes gets the better of him. There will be moments in the Novel where you will think, ‘Cress can do better than Thorne’. However, it is their differences that attract (which makes for an interesting romance to read). 

Many reviewers think that Cress has little to offer besides an enticing plot line, but I disagree, Cress is the underdog, the Plain Jane of our world, the Girl Geek, she is usually the character that never gets her happy ending, but I certainly hope Marissa provides that for her in the end, but in this Book she is so interesting and delightful, a true Heroin if ever there was one, plus the mentions of her long long long hair is adorable and funny. 

Owl Book Rating

My personal rating for Cress is: 

If you enjoyed Star Wars than you could enjoy Cress! It has the same plot elements but catered to an Young Adult audience. Space + Damsel in Distress + stranded in the desert + fight scenes = An Entertaining Read! 

Favorite Quote:

“Um, who’s Little Cress?”

She sniffed. 

“Me. When I was ten. She lived in the computer and kept me company and now she’s dead.” She squeezed the databoard against her chest. “Poor, sweet Little Cress.” ~ Page 133 CRESS Marissa Meyer

Overall, I think what makes this book great are the setbacks and dangers that the characters go through. You will suffer right along with them and feel like your are reading an action packed adventure story. The best part is Cress and Thorne in the dessert, you will feel the heat in the day time and the cold at night and the thirst for water. It was an amazing read! 

Thank you Marissa for making me believe in Romeo and Juliet again with Cress and Thorne, or is it more a Bonnie and Clyde pair? You decide!


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CHEERS (or as they say in The Lunar Chronicles ~ STARS )

🙂 ~ S.L.G


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