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Good day Dear Readers,

Today I will be reviewing Marissa Meyer’s second Novel in The Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet. I read this Novel last year and I was very excited to continue the journey of Cinder and meeting her new characters. With each Novel Marissa engages the reader more into the world of Lunar. Yes, it does follow the theme of the classic fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood“, however, it is very different at the same time making Scarlet a unique character.

Released in 2013 by Macmillan Publishers, in the genre of Young Adult ~ SciFi,  Scarlet is loosely based on the fairy tale of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Again, Marissa brings her readers into a new science fiction world with a new fairy tale twist. 

Do you love wolves?

Than you’ll get a kick out of meeting Ze’ev “Z” Kesley,

also known as Wolf in the Novel Scarlet! 

S pic 1

“Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”

Let’s meet the main character in the Novel, Scarlet!


Birth date/place: Rieux, France, European Federation, 17 August 108 T.E., Leo

Age: 18

Race: Caucasian

Eye color: big brown eyes

Hair color/style: curly/unruly ginger-red hair to mid-back

Build: 5’6”, curvy

Style of dress: jeans and a red hoodie that her grandma gave her, clashes with her hair which is part of the reason why she likes it.

Characteristics: full lips, lots of freckles

Mannerisms: tries to make herself look bigger/stronger with folded arms, wide-leg stances, etc. Frank and abrupt, has a tendency to act first and think later.

Reference Link: http://www.marissameyer.com/blogtype/a-guide-to-lunar-chronicles-character-traits/

Plot Summary

Set in Rieux, France we meet the spunky Scarlet who lives with her grandmother. The two live a country life, they manage a farm and Scarlet sells their prized tomato’s in market in town. Scarlet’s grandmother is known to be a little “crazy and or odd”, but that does not tarnish Scarlet’s opinion of her or their closeness. When Scarlet’s grandmother goes missing, Scarlet knows she must be in danger as she would have told her where she was going. The people around Scarlet tend to think she must just be off on one of her wild excursions, but Scarlet knows better, she believes her grandmother was kidnapped. When she meets a street fighter named Wolf, Scarlet notices a strange tattoo on his arm (numbers and letters), at first this has no meaning to her, but later she will connect the dots to her grandmother’s possible kidnappers. 

In this Novel, Scarlet has not met Linh Cinder (at least not yet) when she defends her to a rowdy crowd at the pub, Wolf steps in to defend her. The two share an instant connection, although at this point they are just strangers, she does not pay Wolf much attention. When Scarlet returns home she discovers her estranged father running around the farmhouse looking for ‘something’ like a mad-man. One of the only clues Scarlet has to go by is when her father mentioned that his kidnappers had a tattoo on their forearm, and that he was very scared of them. The next morning Wolf comes by her farm and tells her that the tattoo stands for a group he used to be part of and that they are the ones who kidnapped her grandma. Wolf decides to help Scarlet and they both embark on a trip to Paris.

Without giving away too many spoilers, the train ride will prove adventurous as you will meet more characters that serve Queen Levana. The Novel will go back and forth from Scarlet’s character to Cinder. You will read that Cinder and Thorne land in Rieux and discover Michelle Benoit’s shelter (Scarlet’s grandmother), where Cinder was held in a suspension tank for eight years and later turned into a cyborg. The Novel will develop many background stories explaining the main characters past. 

There will be a climax for Scarlet in the development of finding her grandmother. Also, Emperor Kai and Queen Levana will unfold a shocking turn of evens at the end. Unfolding the drama that has become The Lunar Chronicles. 


The Best Parts of This Novel

I will admit, the first time I read this Novel I was not impressed. I just could not relate or get into Scarlet’s character. It was not until I finished WINTER that I re-read SCARLET again. This time around I enjoyed Scarlet’s character a lot more. I guess at the time I was just too eager to learn more about Cinder’s story than take new time in learning Scarlet’s. So my opinion of this second installment changed dramatically. 

So what did you like about it?

My favorite parts are between Scarlet and Wolf and their growing chemistry. The love story that will flourish is more mature than what I felt between Cinder and Kai, but that is my reader’s opinion. I really enjoyed the section of when Scarlet and Wolf were on their way to Paris. I thought Marissa wrote this part very well. It is a non-stop action packed adventure leading to this and after in the story. On the train Scarlet meets Ran, Wolf does not like Ran (read the book to discover why!). The dynamic between these three characters is what I found most interesting in the Novel.  

The Worst Parts of this Novel

It’s sad but true but Scarlet is annoying! *lol The fact that she is always head-strong bugs me a little. As a story lover it doesn’t matter what kinds of characters there are the overall story should be what matters and in this case that is defiantly true. I love Scarlet in the Novel Winter, I feel her character really blossoms in that installment. I wasn’t too found of the ending between Scarlet and her grandmother (don’t want to give away any major spoilers) but that was just my opinion. I did however like that more characters start to meet and interact with each other, you will see Cinder interact with Throne, Iko, Dr. Elrand, Scarlet and Wolf in this book. At this point I have read all the installments of The Lunar Chronicles and Scarlet is my least favorite; I believe most book readers would agree? 


My personal rating for Scarlet is: 

Overall, I was okay with this installment of the Lunar Chronicles, but I didn’t think it was as good as Cinder. It was entertaining and a must read to any YA Science Fiction fan. The sections of the Novel will flip from Cinder to Scarlet which made it a fair read. Some Chapters may interest you more than others, for myself I only really enjoyed the first few Chapters.

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