★ ANOTHER DOOR – Flash Fiction/Zombie Horror ★


By Stephanie Lise Lamoureux


We were all fucking exhausted from running. The woman with us was out of breath, fat and swollen like a pregnant woman. The young man with me just collapsed on the floor gasping for air, his panting reminded me of better times with my gal, but watching him now I bet he wished he had taken track.

I felt like we were breathing in death, oh wait… we were, a couple of stiffs laid on the floor besides us and one hung over a lab, his half eaten face looked almost avant-garde; but I never understood experimental art. That was my gal’s specialty, sigh… I reckon I’ll be joining you soon baby.

We’d been running from one building to another for days, opening one door after another, looking for shelter. These undead spooks were everywhere. People came, people went, mostly people died — we were the last group members. “Are they still behind us?”

I wipe sweat from my eyes. “We lost them, for now.” I stood up despite my weak knees, to check the door in front of us. Click… (it opened) A darken hallway laid ahead. “Folks, it was a bad idea to come to the University, there are too many of these ass-eating things. We have to get out!” “No way man, we head to the cafeteria like we planned, where the food supplies are!”

The woman just sat motionless, with a dead stare. I turned towards the boy. “We get what we need than get the fuck out!” “You’re not the boss of me old man!”

If I could knock some sense into him I would, but we don’t have time for this bullshit. Suddenly, the woman lunged at me and before I could reach for my knife my intestines were spilling out; ZOMBIE-GALORE!

“Run boy!” My moans didn’t last; it happened all too fast, her appetite was as large in death as I suppose it was in life.

The last thing I heard was the door close. He must have gotten out.


“Rita baby, it’s so good to see you again.”


Stephanie Lamoureux 2015 ©


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