YouTube: Posting Videos again

Dear Reader,

I’ve taken down my past articles on YouTube from my Blog because I thought I never wanted to go on the site again. Too much negativity came from it for me in the past when I had mild success as SLSwriter. Although, I feel that bad part is all behind me now, the root of why I enjoyed YouTube has returned to me. One of those reasons is my love for filming and editing footage. I do miss my Adobe and working with it as a program. I also miss watching videos on YouTube by people I know and supporting their talent. Vlogging has always intrigued me and I can’t help but want to Vlog myself. Being part of the community in the way that I can comment and express my opinion is something I feel like doing at the moment. I can’t fall back into my obsessive ways and care what people think or seek fame and fortune from this site. The YouTube from 2005 to 2010 was the wild west and you could make it back than, but now it’s all industrialized and controlled by the media that you can not expect to become a youtube sensation on it anymore. It’s overly saturated by the wealthy and producers who fund the young and talented. So why am I on it? Again I miss expressing myself visually and therefore will remain humble and vlog. It doesn’t matter how many subs I get, just as long as the communication I get and express is of a positive nature, my aim is to be artistic, and that is all.

So with that said I will be sharing my videos here on my Blog. Please visit my YouTube channel. ❀ 30 Something Vlogs ❀

my youtube

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist [Entry XIX]

Good day Dear Reader,

This week’s photo challenge is: minimalist photograph by The Daily Post.


Here is my attempt on my Nikon camera of a minimalist photograph.


This picture was taken on my Nikon camera and photo edited on


There is nothing more minimal than a single bottle of Tequila framed by a stone wall.


Thank you for joining me today dear viewers, share with me your photographs.


My Photography εïз: Local Graffiti in Nature

Good Day Dear Reader,

When I went to the park today, I happen to come across some interesting graffiti, and took some snap shots.

edited graffitt pic 1

edited grafftii pic 2

edited grafitt pic 3

edited grafitt pic 4

edited grafitt pic 5

Taken on my iPhone 4, edited on Photo Editor -

I’ve always been attracted to Graffiti and believe it’s artists are often misunderstood, but there is art & beauty in all things people create. These pictures were taken in Canada.

Thank you for joining me today, keep on smiling dear blog readers 。◕‿◕。 



Gobble Gobble… Mmmmm in oil


Picture taken on my iPhone 4, edited on PicMonkey

Dear Readers,

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, October 13, 2014.  I have the pleasure of having — for the first time — wild Turkey cooked in oil. My loving mother and father-in-law live in the country and this is how they cook their turkey!  At first I thought this was going to taste awful but to my delight it was freaking amazing! The most tender turkey I have ever eaten, goes to show you everything taste better when cooked in oil.

It was made personally as my brother-in-law hunted and got this turkey himself.  I feel so authentic this year *giggles

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!